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Reading light for in bed and on the go

We've all been there: the person next to you snoring peacefully while you're still trying
to count sheep. Oh how lovely it would be right now if you could read just a few pages to help yourself drift off into sweet dreams as well... If this sounds like you, then having a Henry at home is sure to be a happy addition to your life! Henry is the mobile reading light for bookworms. Even at night, it allows you to read without disturbing the sleep of your bedmate.

Cuddly animal light

Henry the mobile reading light is a friendly animal on the outside, but, on the inside, you'll find a modern battery-powered reading light. Henry and his flexible and cuddly body will nestle comfortably on your shoulder while you read. But of course, you could also get cosy by laying your head on Henry's body while the two of you delve into your book together. Henry will quickly find a place in your heart, to the point where you won't want to read without him and his bright light keeping you company. He is a loyal companion who shares your enjoyment of reading.

Decorative reading light with special application

During the day, Henry waits as a decorative piece to be called into action and carry out his nighttime duties; providing up to 8 hours of bright reading light, with two brightness levels available: In reading-mode, you can use the Henry mobile light for up to 8 hours. In special-mode, Henry shines twice as brightly and provides enough light to even decipher letters that are hard to make out. The level of brightness Henry can produce is even ample enough for precision work like sewing and other similar activities.

Hours of enjoyment from reading

The Henry battery-powered reading light lets you spend hours experiencing the joy of reading, either in bed or on the go. With the help of the USB cable in Henry's belt bag, the batteries of the reading light can be recharged at any time with minimal fuss. Henry is also equipped with a safety lock to prevent him from accidentally switching himself on while you're carrying him in your bag.

I absolutely need a Henry!

That is great!

Behind the scenes von Henry

Henry ist die Leseleuchte für die Schulter: Äußerlich ein anschmiegsames Stofftier, enthält die aufladbare Leuchte Henry ein technisch ausgeklügeltes Innenleben, das hervorragendes Leselicht auf zwei Helligkeitsstufen liefert. So kann man die Leuchte auf seine Schulter legen und hat immer dort Licht, wo man es braucht, während Henry wie ein vorwitziges Haustier von der Schulter aus zuschaut.

Die Idee zu Henry stammt von Claudia Hüskes, Designerin und Gründerin des Labels jundado und gefertigt werden die Henrys komplett in Deutschland. Mehr über Henry und seine Entstehung erfahrt ihr in diesem kleinen Video.


How do I charge Henry?

Henry is delivered without a power adapter. He can be charged with any intermediate device: Just connect the USB-cord located in the zipper pocket on his belly, for example to your computer, a phone charger, a power bank or to the car.

How long can Henry glow before he needs to be re-charged?

On the first level Henry can be operated about 8 hours before he has to be recharged. On the second level Henrys energy gives him power for about 4 hours.

Is there an age recommendation?

Yes. Even though we tried very hard to make Henry save for small children, we recommend to use him for children aged 6 and above.

How can I maintain and optimize the lifetime of the batteries ?

The lifetime of the battery can be optimized and protected against depth discharging by maintaining it appropriately that means not waiting too long with recharging and in case of rare using complete recharging for at least once within six months.

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I absolutely need a Henry!

That is great!