Where is Henry made?

Henry is 100% “Made in Germany”. He is hand-made by hardworking people, lovingly sewn and put together. We put our hearts into every single Henry!

How do I charge Henry?

Henry is delivered without a power adapter. He can be charged with any intermediate device: Just connect the USB-cord located in the zipper pocket on his belly, for example to your computer, a phone charger, a power bank or to the car.

Can Henry be washed?

No, Henry does not like water. However, his fur is very low-maintenance so most of the time it is enough to rub him off with a damp cloth. Apart from that he is the same as any other good friend: Henry should be looked after.

How long can Henry glow before he needs to be re-charged?

On the first level Henry can be operated about 8 hours before he has to be recharged. On the second level Henrys energy gives him power for about 4 hours.

Why do I need a tool to open the zipper on the pocket on Henry’s belly?

Because Henry is so cuddly, especially little children will find him very cute. But to make sure, that they cannot reach the technical parts inside and perhaps taste the very interesting USB-cable, we had to modify the zipper. Now it can only be opened with a tool (a wire paper clip). This might be a bit more tedious but with this we protect Henry’s little friends.

When I took Henry out of his box I could not switch the light on. Why?

For transportation Henry has the keylock activated. If you keep the on-/off-button pushed down until the red light appears, the keylock is de-activated. For re-activating the keylock, press the on-/off-button again and keep it pushed down until the red light turns on again.

Is there an age recommendation?

Yes. Even though we tried very hard to make Henry save for small children, we recommend to use him for children aged 6 and above.

How can I maintain and optimize the lifetime of the batteries ?

The lifetime of the battery can be optimized and protected against depth discharging by maintaining it appropriately that means not waiting too long with recharging and in case of rare using complete recharging for at least once within six months.

Why is my Henry blinking red?

Henry wants to show you with the red blinking light, that he needs to be recharged soon, as he is running low on power.

Why does the red light shine, while Henry is recharging?

When you recharge Henry, the tip of his snout will shine red until he is fully recharged. Once his batteries are recharged, the light will switch to green. While Henry is plugged in and recharging, you can not switch him on.

In Henrys belly pocket is a red rubber string. What do I need it for?

In Henrys head is his smart technology. The red rubber string with the string stopper prevents that the capsule with the technics will slip out. You better don’t touch this part. In case the technics (capsule) inside Henry's head get loose by frequent use, you should look for the red rubber string inside Henrys belly pocket. Pull the string stopper towards Henry's head and tighten it up, so his technics will be at the proper position again.
In case it might be needed to take the technics out of Henry's head, you could loosen the string stopper and widen the rubber string a bit, so you can pull out the capsule by the USB cable.
This is at your own risk and we do no recommend this procedure!

My Henry does not shine anymore! What can I do?

In this case please try the following steps:
1.) Please ensure that the keylock is not activated (see question "When I took Henry out of his box I could not switch the light on. Why?".

2.) Please connect Henry to the power socket. Henry should shine red in the beginning, later on change to red flash light and finally shine green when fully recharged.

Is there no life signal even when connected to the power socket then we need to check Henry here at our site.
Therefore please send a short E-Mail to service@jundado.de
with indication of Your purchasing date and order number.

I absolutely need a Henry!

That is great!